VRIZZMO is virtual entertainment in highest quality!

What do you get from VRIZZMO?
- watch movies in outstanding quality
- watch spherical movies, 2D and 3D panoramic movies
- discover new ways of playing games
- explore the world without leaving your house
The virtual reality universe is in your hands!

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VRIZZMO Revolt optics

Best optics on the market

Thanks to unique ideas, VRIZZMO ensure you will get the best optics available on the market. Double lenses layout does not distort image like some other solutions, and that makes VRIZZMO the best choice from all mobile VR headsets.
At the same time unique construction of VRIZZMO guarantees field of view of more than 110 degrees.

What is FOV?
FOV or Fielf of View is primary parameter of VR goggles. The higher FOV is, the more immersive image looks. Most of available VR goggles are based on open source Google Cardboard hence making fov really narrow. Cheapest products most of the time have even lesser FOV - around 50 to 80 degrees. VRIZZMO Revolt offers FOV over 110 degrees and this is highest available on the market.

Why is it so important?
Larger field of view makes images and videos look more immersive than they really are. Most of other products offer narrow field of view that makes you think you are looking through the window. VRIZZMO Revolt covers also peripheral vision while we can watch images just by moving our eyes.

How did we do it?
VRIZZMO Revolt has unique construction of two lenses for each eye. Thanks to their parameters, we could bring your device screen very closely and reducing the size of goggles. This however, have no impact on the vision and guarantees crisp and beautiful images.

Usage comfort

- Elements that are touching skin are soft and hygienic,
- Device mounts are easy to move and they give usage comfort
- device elements are made from lightweight and sturdy materials,
- Small dimensions of the device makes them comfortable to use.

Why is it so important?
Smartphone is the heaviest part of goggles. According to the law of physics, force acting on head of user will rise with the distance of smartphone's center of mass. Thanks to small dimensions of Vrizzmo Revolt, smartphone is placed as close as possible to the face.

How did we do it?
Thanks to special and unique construction of two separate lenses we aquired optics parameters that are unavailable in other products on the market. Beside of wide field of view we managed to bring smartphone really close to the human eye.

VRIZZMO Revolt - face part


New model of VRIZZMO.
Lighter VRIZZMO with better optics and higher quality.

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